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23 August 2011

Why Did I Choose to Use Astah/ Jude UML?

To set the records straight, my perception of UML (and the related tools) is as follows:

  1. I perceive UML as a standard modelling language to facilitate discussion, collaboration, and documentation
  2. I do not adhere strictly to the UML standards/ modelling constraints
  3. I am seldom interested in forward-engineering, code generation, MDA, etc.

I’ve used several UML modelling tools (and even the infamous, MS Visio) in the past. The common issues I had with many of these are:

  1. too much constraints that cannot be relaxed (e.g. very strict adherence to UML constraints/ rules/ profiles)
  2. too implementation/ platform specific
  3. too slow, too huge, memory-hogger
  4. too process-driven
  5. too code-driven

So far, I’ve found that Jude (and now, Astah) is able to meet most of my needs with some minor tweaks and improvements that I hope can be resolved soon (e.g. the tagged values should be displayed in the UML diagram)

In addition, there is even the mind-map feature added as a plus!

For more information, please visit: Astah

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