29 February 2012

Sending SMS

There are different means of sending SMS that I’m aware of, namely:
  1. via GSM modem
  2. via SMSC (SMS Centre)
  3. via 3rd-party gateways
Given that the 3rd-party gateways have got different offerings from vendor to vendor, here are some differences between the 1st two:
Cost Usually lower and is fixed per SMS Normally higher unless there is bulk discount
Use of short code (4-5 digit numbers)? No Yes
Use of TPOA No Yes
Latency per SMS (or throughput) 5-8 secs or 13-17 secs with DR (up to 15-20 SMS/sec) Less than 1 sec (20-40 or up to 100s SMS/ sec)
Interface/ protocol USB/ COM ports Usually SMPP (TCP/IP)

TPOA - Stands for Transmission Path Originating Address. It is a feature to mask the originating number with a alphanumeric string (up to 11 characters). E.g. Citi, HSBC

To understand how all these entities/ components come together, see the following UML diagrams:

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