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26 May 2011

Electronic Records Management

Some points I made while considering whether TIFF or PDF format is more appropriate for the above.

  • Need to differentiate the processing for:
    1. Records “born” electronic – use acrobat distiller to convert to PDF
    2. Scanned records – use acrobat capture to convert to PDF, use OCR to convert to text
    3. Paper-based records
  • Archival workflow
    1. Document creation
    2. Document editing and annotation
    3. Tagging and metadata capturing
    4. Store and retrieve
    5. Print and distribute
  • PDF/A is based on PDF Reference 1.4 (Acrobat 5) and has the following constraints
    1. Self-contained: All fonts used have to be embedded & external content references are disallowed
    2. Device-independent: Colour must be device-independent and transparency is disallowed
    3. Self-describing: XMP (eXtensible Metadata Platform) is required
    4. Unfettered: Encryption and LZW compression are disallowed
    5. Multimedia, forms, embedded files and JavaScript are disallowed
  • PDF over TIFF
    1. More compact. I.e. smaller file size
    2. Metadata can be stored in PDF
    3. More device-independent

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