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The author has dealt with several IT projects (in Java EE and .NET) and is a specialist in system development.

06 April 2011

Role of a Solution Architect

Broad Categorisation of required skills
  1. Technical acumen and technology application
    1. Software
    2. Application platform & Operating Systems
    3. Middleware
    4. Database
  2. Domain knowledge
    1. Vertical – industry-specific, e.g. banking, insurance, telecommunication, legal, government
    2. Horizontal – cross-industry, e.g. workflow, document management, search, SOA
  3. Conceptualisation skills – able to conceptualise, describe and communicate the solution
  4. Leverage patterns – don’t reinvent the wheel!
  5. Manage relationships – need to manage stakeholders, vendors, providers, partners
  6. Leadership skills – able to garner support/ buy-in
  7. Communication and listening skills
  8. Strategic skills – able to zoom-in and zoom-out
Experience in Processes
  1. Solution architecture
  2. Systems engineering
  3. Software engineering
  4. Programme/ Project management
Role is to:
  1. Develop the overall vision
  2. Execute the vision into the desired solution
  3. Organise the development effort
  4. Implement strategic IT programmes
Toolbox Requirements
  1. UML for documentation and communication
  2. Database design & optimisation
  3. Experience in tools & processes

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